NYC bred bassist and drummer Augustos Mintz and Xavier Hill. What you have here is what we do along with whoever we find along the way. Enjoy.


We were featured in this years holiday edition for @Bust_magazine ! They featured our “HIGH” waist shorts and our sexy collaboration Crazy Kush Crop Top By @laffayettebless  #Bustmagazine #strangevixens #420


Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera 

Got. Damn.

Check out these gorgeous images leaked from Sim City V


There hasn’t been a whole lot of news about a new Sim City game until today, when a user on NeoGAF posted what he says are a bunch of screenshots of Sim City V in progress. If these are from Sim City V, they’re pretty amazing looking. It’s sort of how I’ve always wanted Sim City to look. Apparently, the game is still a year out or more, but it’s looking good so far.

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Blackbook? Anyone?

This is a true businessman-musician. Much respect.